All my adult life, and especially after reading the John Jakes' novel California Gold, I dreamed of moving to California. In 2009, that dream came true. However, not long after I arrived in California, I realized not all was golden in the Golden State. Taxes, traffic, the cost of living and the pace of life, soon caused my wife and I to rethink our California dream. By 2013, we realized California was not a long term plan for us. There was simply no way we could afford to retire in California, so we began to research other states. We devoted three years to researching other states. We visited dozens of markets in ten states. After all the research, we came to the conclusion Reno, Nevada offered everything we sought in terms of climate, recreational opportunities, cost of living, taxes and overall quality of life.


We sold our Orange County home in the summer of 2016 and purchased a home in Reno. Since then, eight of our SoCal friends have come to the same conclusion and also relocated to Reno. But it's not like the trend began in 2016, the overwhelming majority of people we met in the area where we bought had come from California not long before we purchased our home in 2016.


When our friends and family learned we were moving, they all had the same three questions, "Why are you leaving; where are you going and how did you choose Reno?" We created this website to answer those questions and to help others who are also coming to the realization it is time to leave California. Farewell California can help anyone with their research.


Moving out of state, any state, is a big decision and it's not the right move for everyone. That's why we spent years researching the options before we made our decision. If you are beginning to realize California may no longer be for you, please contact us and we will happily share what we have learned. We want to help others who are considering a move out of California. We are so elated with our decision, we feel it is our duty to do so.

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November 20, 2018