Moving out of state, any state, is a big decision and it's not the right move for everyone. That's why we spent years researching the options before we made our decision. If you are beginning to realize California may no longer be for you, please contact us and we will happily share what we have learned. We are not selling anything. We do not charge a fee for anything. We simply want to help others who are considering a move out of California. We are so elated with our decision, we feel it is our duty to do so. If you decide you would like to talk with the real estate agents or mortgage broker we recommend, we will connect you directly.



The realtors we recommend are two of the most successful real estate agents in all of Southern California. They have sold several of their own homes in Southern California and purchased multiple homes in Reno just this year. These "Hall of Fame" agents have earned Diamond Medallion Honors and have been named by the Wall Street Journal in the Top 100 Agents for the U.S. They can help you sell your California home quickly for top dollar. That's exactly what they did for us in 2016. We've known them for nearly ten years and we have complete trust in their integrity and real estate skills. If you choose to talk with them about listing and selling your home, you will quickly understand why. 



The only mortgage broker we recommend is also someone we have personally done business with and known for nearly ten years. He helped us secure financing for our first California home purchase in 2009. He represents a full service mortgage lender with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending. Their mission is to serve their customers with honesty, integrity and competence. We cannot recommend them more highly.