Real "Farewell" Stories

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Alan & Kim sold their home in Laguna Niguel and bought a home in Reno, NV
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Sensing the Orange County home market had hit its peak, we sold our home and invested our equity in Reno. Now we have a larger home with stunning Sierra Mountain views less than 20 miles from Lake Tahoe and all the recreational opportunities it offers. We have said farewell to the high taxes, the high cost of living and the crazy traffic and joined so many of our friends, who have also moved from SoCal to Reno, to enjoy a slower pace, lower cost of living and a better quality of life. We could not be happier about this decision!

Kathy and Alan left California two years ago and have been Loving the Reno Lifestyle since! 

We moved from La Verne (Los Angeles County) to Reno two years ago as the traffic, heat and taxes were getting unreasonable. We now have fantastic views of mountains and wildlife, clean air, and dozens of new friends who have escaped the rat race for a quality of life that we are thankful for daily. Best decision yet!!

After doing their homework, Gayle and Bob are leaving California for Reno
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I have been a life long resident of Orange County and I never thought I would ever think I want to leave the state. But after living here for over 50 years and seeing what is becoming of this beautiful state, my husband and I knew it was time to leave. With the state income tax, property taxes, sales tax, gas tax, the traffic, etc, enough was enough. The real question was where to move to. We had simple requirements. We didn't want to go to a state that had a state income tax. This takes the states from 50 to 7. We wanted a climate that was as close to California as possible. This eliminated Texas, North Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming, Florida and Alaska. This left only Nevada to consider which led us to consider Reno. We wanted a large airport so we can travel. Check for Reno. We wanted a good healthcare system - Check for Reno. We wanted low sales tax and property tax: Check and check. We wanted low cost housing. Check for being able to purchase a new home for half the cost of our existing home and almost over 1,000 sq ft bigger. The list goes on and on, but what my husband and I wanted was what California was 50 years ago, and we found it in Reno. Come join us you will be so happy you did.

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November 20, 2018