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The thousands of Californians who have made the move to Northern Nevada are now enjoying a slower pace, better lifestyle, lower cost of living, no income, inheritance,  gift or estate tax, a mild four-season climate and the natural beauty of the Northern Sierra Mountains and nearby Lake Tahoe where the outdoor recreation options never end!


Why not cash out the  equity in your California  home now, before the next and inevitable crash, and buy in a market where your dollar will go much further and the growth in the real estate market is based on population growth and not speculation.


We are not selling anything. We do not charge a fee for anything. We simply want to help others who are considering a move out of California. We are so elated with our decision, we feel it is our duty to do so. We can help you with all the information you need to determine if leaving California is right for you. And, if so, we can connect you with two of the most successful real estate agents in all of Southern California, who have themselves sold several of their own homes in California and purchased multiple homes in  Northern Nevada just this year. These "Hall of Fame" agents have earned Diamond Medallion Honors and have been named by the Wall Street Journal in the Top 100 Agents for the U.S. They can help you sell your California home quickly for top dollar and help you find the perfect home in Northern Nevada so you too can say, "Farewell California!"

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