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The once Golden State has lost its luster and the exodus out of California has begun!

Are you fed up with the insane housing costs and fearing the next, and inevitable, housing crash? Or maybe it's California's punishing income, gasoline, car registration and a host of other taxes that have you fed up? How about the worst traffic congestion and some of the worst road conditions in the USA? Are you ready to leave a state tied for the third-worst value of a dollar score, has the highest debt-to-income ratio in the country, the highest poverty rate among the 50 states and ranks dead last among U.S. states in quality of life?

Maybe you are a business owner fed up with the endless regulations choking the very life out of your business? California business owners work tirelessly to make ends meet in a state that ranks 48th in the State Business Climate Index, is ranked "The Worst State for Business" for 12 consecutive years, has ranked 48th or 49th every year since 2002 in the "Freedom in the 50 States" report and consistently ranks near the bottom of all states when it comes to the "lawsuit climate."


How about California's "Sanctuary State" policy? Or the multitude pension crises at the city, county and state level that have the state two trillion dollars in debt? Tired of California's environmental policies that have created a perpetual state of drought and exacerbated the wildfire crisis? Are you also fed up with living in a state that has the highest rate and the greatest number of homeless people in the country?


Apparently thousands of former Californians and businesses are fed up because they are leaving the state in record numbers. The thousands of Californians who have made the move to places like Northern Nevada, are now enjoying a slower pace, better lifestyle, lower cost of living, no income, inheritance, gift or estate tax, a mild four-season climate and the natural beauty of the Northern Sierra Mountains and nearby Lake Tahoe where the outdoor recreation options never end! Data from numerous studies show Californians are also moving to Texas, Arizona and Oregon in huge numbers as well.

It is no secret, the California Housing market has peaked and the retreat has begun. Why not cash out the equity in your California home now, before the next and inevitable crash, and buy in a market where your dollar will go twice as far and the growth in the real estate market is based on population growth and not speculation?

We are not selling anything. We do not charge for anything. We offer free advice to those considering a move from California because we are so elated about our decision, we feel it is our duty to help others by sharing our knowledge and experience. If leaving California is right for you, we can connect you with two of the most successful real estate agents in all of Southern California, who have sold several of their own homes in California and purchased multiple homes in Reno just this year. These "Hall of Fame" agents have earned Diamond Medallion Honors and have been named by the Wall Street Journal in the Top 100 Agents for the U.S. They can help you sell your California home quickly for top dollar and also help you find the perfect home in Northern Nevada. There is no cost or obligation to talk with these agents. We know you will find their insight enlightening and valuable. If you prefer to be referred directly to these real estate agents, without talking with us, we're happy to connect you immediately. If you choose to move to any one of the other top states Californians are migrating to like Texas, Arizona, Utah and Oregon, we can match you with real estate specialists local to those markets too.


Do the research now, sell your California home before the real estate correction. Then, you too can say, "Farewell California!"


Visit our Why Leave page for links to recent news stories regarding all the issues mentioned above and more

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We are not selling anything. We do not charge for anything. We offer free advice to those considering a
move from California. Call us today or email us via the form below to learn more. If your prefer to be referred directly to our award-winning real estate agents, we're happy to connect you immediately.
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